BREAKING: DCI arrests at least 13 in meth distribution ring in Casper and Riverton

(Casper, Wyo.) – Division of Criminal Investigation and assisting agencies in Natrona County and Casper made 13 arrests in the drug trafficking and distribution ring that was apart of a statewide effort Thursday.

Chad D Erickson, John L Faulkner, Kaleb T Gallegos, Amanda L Gill, Beverly K Hicks, Joesph S McNaughton, Joe V Montoya, Preston P Montoya, Teresa M Porter, Bradley E Shepherd, Sunny L Sisneros and Elizabeth M Stultz were all brought before Circuit Court on the charges of Conspiracy to Deliver Controlled Substances – Methamphetamine. The felony charges could bring a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Additional arrests have been made in Fremont County. More information regarding details and arrests will be published as it becomes available.

Erickson, 36, of Casper is charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substances which could carry a sentence of 20 years, but due to Erickson’s previous convictions and criminal history. Erickson could face up to 40 years in prison as the charges are eligible for escalation.

Erickson is currently on parole. Bond was set for $75,000 cash or surety.

Faulkner, 41, of Casper has also been charged with, conspiracy to deliver controlled substances, like the other individuals appearing before Circuit Court today. Faulkner is also facing four additional charges, as all the additional charges have had three previous convictions, each additional charge will be a felony.

Bond for Faulkner is set for $100,000 cash or surety.

Gallegos, 19, of Casper, charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance. Has an “extensive” misdemeanor history according to Assistant District Attorney Randall Carnahan. 13 failure to appears in his history, bond set at $50,000 cash or surety.

Gill, 23, of Mills, is charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance. Currently eligible for a sentence enhancement, could carry a 40 year sentence if found guilty. Bond set at $50,000.

Hicks, 53, of Casper, charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance. Bond was set at $7,500 cash or surety.

McNaughton, 35, of Casper, charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substances. McNaughton has been out of prison for six months after serving time for possession of forged documents.

Bond was lowered from the state recommended $25,000 to $15,000 cash or surety.

Miller, 35, of Casper, mother of two,, charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance. Bond was lowered from the state recommended $10,000 to $7,500.

Joe Montoya, 40, of Riverton, has lived in Casper for eight years, but currently resides in Riverton. Charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance which could carry 20 years in prison. Joe has prior convictions in Nevada, California and Wyoming.

Bond was lowered from the state recommended $50,000 to $40,000.

Preston Montoya, 38, of Casper, has been charged with conspiracy to deliver controlled substance and an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance – marijuana. Preston has multiple priors from four states, including California, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

“I don’t know why bringing up things from 20 years ago has bearing on this case,” said Preston.

Bond was set for $100,000 cash or surety.


  1. Stella Harris

    I agree Misty

  2. Anita Roman McLaughlin

    They mention a Miller mother of 2. but she is not listed in those arrested.

  3. Darlene Johnson

    Way to go DCI! Get those killer scum bags off the street and please keep going after more of them!!!

  4. Kendra Smith

    No pity for drug uses/abusers/distributors. I know these folks are all innocent until proven guilty. However, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  5. Brandon Steele

    You all act like your better than but I bet every one of you have just as dirty back yard just something different but no better, that shit is a struggle every day so become god whi are all you to judge

  6. Wayland King

    Who is this Miller lady… What's her first name.

  7. Wayland King

    Ya What's her name

  8. Crystal Williams

    I know amanda from herebn basin n she got wat was comin to her!!! Glad dci got these guys!!!!

  9. Clyde Tyler

    Holy shit look at y'all sitting around judging others. Who the fucc ate you to judge anyone???

  10. Jeff Burt

    Well shit

  11. Christine Bulow

    Vanessa L Miller us her name and she was arrested along with the other lot

  12. Shauna Henry

    Screw all the tweekers!!! They make this work awful!!! Glad to see them punished!!! Now get the rest!!!

  13. Judith Loudin

    Good job, DCI. There are more. Go get'em!

  14. Samantha Bradley Eutsler

    Through the max sentence at all of them!! People would know the consequence weighs very heavy for that crap!! Maybe it would clean WY up!!! Lord knows we need it!!!

  15. Brandi S. Brown

    If any of you counted the names only 12 were listed. So miller must be #13.

  16. Karen Kiljander

    doesnt say what brad got….

  17. Shanen Bolden

    Yet a child mulster

  18. Shanen Bolden

    Can get 5 yr and out in 6 months

  19. Brenda Bush

    I can tolerate much but METH is not on that list.

  20. Renee Yuen

    Dude you were right where they were at one point and time you know how it is. And so do I people can change it doesn't make them any less of a person then anyone!

  21. Selina Estrella Hernandez

    Not saying all are innocent but I know there is a confusion with some of them being involved just because they speak to certain family members… I'm just saying all you people talk about stuff you don't no nothing about.. don't let the media fool you because there is much more than what they "want" or feel like telling the public. And that's right they are innocent UNTIL proven guilty. Just saying..

  22. Joanne Byers

    hang the SOBs

  23. Kathy DeLisa

    Drug addiction is an illness. For some, addiction happens immediately after the first high. Once you are hooked, you have no control You will use any means to not only get your fix, but also justify it in your mind. I do feel a need to attempt to treat the problem. These people have people who love them and have no where to turn for help. Meth is against the law. It is difficult to get treatment. Treatment needs to be as simple as possible to get.

  24. John Baker Jr.

    Not real bright when you're cruzing in a truck that needs fessed up for what youowe we're still lookin for you boy

  25. Lea Littleworth

    you do the crime, you do the time!! Some people will never learn, smh..

  26. Mindy Michelle Hogue

    How about we hang you you sob..some of them have an addiction problem u don't know there story. I was visited by DCI 2 years ago and I'm doing so much better been clean for 16 months. So let's hang u foe being a bitch..

  27. Rhett Songer

    I know half these people lol Wyoming so smAll but so many problems

  28. Sandi King

    Yet child mulester get a smaller sentence how is that rt. Not saying its ok we need to protect r childern from all v them…..

  29. Jenny Olson

    I hope Preston Montoya rots in Jail! But I'm sure once again he will get out, will have once again read the bible and will try and contact his only son who btw is NOTHING like his loser father!!!

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