Law enforcement in Lander making presence known as settlement checks are expected to arrive

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander Police Department, with help from agencies from across the state, is making its presence known this morning as members of the Northern Arapaho Tribe are expected to begin receiving large settlement checks. Each Northern Arapaho Tribal member is to receive $6,300 from a mineral rights lawsuit. Checks for the Eastern Shoshone Tribal members are expected to arrive in the next week or two.

On Monday, LPD Chief Jim Carey announced that his agency would be highly visible in the coming days as protective measures for those coming to banks to cash or deposit their checks. He declined to comment on any strategies they might utilize.

This morning, LPD has an incident command center set up at the corner of 10th and Main streets. At the command center was also a trailer marked Sweetwater Bomb Squad. Other law enforcement vehicles are parked at or near banks across town, including vehicles the Cody Police Department and Green River Police Department.


  1. Erica Shockley

    The checks have arrived.

  2. Elizabeth Wilson Hastings

    Have they heard of direct depoit or cash cards?

  3. Susan Meeker

    Bomb squad…really????

  4. Stephanie Wells Watson

    Better safe than sorry

  5. Ricky Morgan

    Just bought 100 stocks of fire water!

  6. Jess Marquez

    Smart moves

  7. Cade Andrew Maestas

    It's an incident command trailer, a communications trailer essentially.

  8. Randy Ray

    So who is paying for this extra security??? 6300 bucks a person, I think the tribes should be paying.

  9. Raymond Chandler II

    let the ignorant racist comments begin, I know fremont county has more of its share of peckerwoods.

  10. Bill Murray

    Pumping over $100 million into the local economy isn't enough? Trust me, the tax revenues collected will far exceed any increase in security costs.

  11. Randy Ray

    Bill Murray Not considering the costs associated with the crime that will follow. Be realistic about it. History speaks for it's self.
    The last person that said trust me ended up in jail.

  12. Randy Ray

    Just remember , when you point the finger, four more are pointing back at you

  13. Renee Manzanares

    randy ray I'm pretty sure the Shoshone or Arapaho people didn't ask for the extra bs that's gonna follow with the law enforcement and I don't think they were the ones to call for extra protection if anything they need the protection form ignorant racist people

  14. Dean Wallowing Bull

    This is real funny, an the MAIN reason most people I know are heading to Salt Lake cityUtah and Denver Colorado or Billings Montana to spend thier settlements. It's racist, prejudiced people that make comments like this that have most Arapaho people spending their money out of state! Keep it up people, we are blogging all night and day about which business don't deserve our cash.

  15. Dean Noseep

    Who EXACTLY is THEY Liz?!?!?!?

  16. Jeree Hudson

    Thank god there are here for us

  17. Dean Wallowing Bull

    No one I know even drinks fire water anymore how stupid….

  18. Phoebe Wilson

    Thats right RR, if you want to talk history, the person(s) who the tribes "trusted" back in 1970 with our minerals should've all ended up in jail!! The S & A tribes only did what was right…sued! So now we finally are getting back what was rightfully ours!! So don't hate and complain…we Natives didn't cause all this!!

  19. Randy Ray

    Why do people twist the words of others to make it look as something it is not?? Can you not survive WITHOUT turmoil in your lives??? Why do people pay for errors created hundreds of years ago??? Educate your selves better and stop creating the very hatred you protest!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Candice Gronberg

    Reactive ignorance fills my streets. congratulations to my Native friends and families please do not shop locally the prices are notably higher and some people in this community do not deserve your business. This blessing is yours I hope it makes many lives better.

  21. Candice Gronberg

    How racially stated you should be proud

  22. Susan Meeker

    Cade Andrew Maestas Mike just told me that at Rotary. Glad to hear there is not a real possibility of bombs!

  23. Dansie Stockton

    Randy Ray Get off the page and keep your ignorant comments to yourself!

  24. Renee Manzanares

    Randy Ray exactly I see 4 of them point at you

  25. Geri Boerbon Hockhalter


  26. Ricky Morgan

    We're all thinkin it.

  27. Elizabeth Wilson Hastings

    The US government. I recieved my tax return from "them" no cash needed……sorry if the word "they" offended.

  28. Randy Ray

    all you see is the ignorance you share with the world. You are the very problem I speak of, twist the words to fit your demented imagination. I am not the problem but the solution. If the truth hurts, maybe you should do more than just being a professional student??

  29. Royal L Enos

    I hope that all the Indian people use good judgement on how to use your well deserved payments and don't spend it where you are not treated with respect !

  30. Thad Tidzump

    Its your Govt that set up the payment process not the tribes

  31. Thad Tidzump

    Sure glad u did that because not every native drinks unlike your closet drinking mother

  32. Thad Tidzump

    If the shoe was on the other foot these white people sure wouldnt be bitching about it. But i m thankful for the extra police patrol, dont know what crack pipe hitting redneck may jump out and try to grab my mula. Hahahaha

  33. Elizabeth Wilson Hastings

    Seems like "they" were not thinking again ;)

  34. Thad Tidzump

    Maybe by some small chance you can be forgiven for what you said. HELL, you live in DO-BOYS…,

  35. Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy

    You blog all day and night cause you don't work. I hope you enjoy living off of others, must make you feel really proud. What on earth would you do if the feds stopped providing everything to the tribes. Hmm, either starve or work.

  36. Thumper Anderson

    I disagree, shopping locally is the best investment into what they may get in the future! When you shop local, it increases job security, and with that , more people come to visit. They come to the casino's and shop, and they buy Native American items made by our LOCAL Native Americans. If you dont like supporting out communities, feel free to move to a different one!

  37. Burton Metz

    Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy This isn't free money. its money owed to both tribes for minerals on the reservation that youre so called government miscalculated like many times before! Get it straight!!!

  38. Burton Metz

    Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy Stupidity exits I guess!!

  39. Burton Metz

    From the looks of it youd think that president Obama was in town!

  40. Dean Wallowing Bull

    Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy Keep on paying your taxes we just love to live off of your hard work ohhh it feels so good…lol an just try to stop washington d.c. from sending your tax money to the rez lol…

  41. Ethan Robinson

    thank you cuz there our members of all the tribes that have 40 or more hour a week jobs and own nice trucks and new houses there is low life people in every race its just the white people here feel inclined to pick on the reservation cuz they want to be racist

  42. Burton Metz

    preach it brother! Ignorance is everywhere.

  43. Ethan Robinson

    Dean Wallowing Bull i know how you feel my should be step dad is native and i see it everywhere when we are with him how people look and the native american race and how ignorant people are i always look at as dont throw rock if you live in a glass house so if they think they are perfect they better keep there mouth shut

  44. Burton Metz

    Educate yourself before u speak ur mind! Stupid Comment.

  45. Burton Metz

    Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy Don't post if you don't know what youre talking about!!

  46. Charles Jeffery

    If you think they are there to protect people I think your wrong they are there to see how much of it they can get. If this is not so then why are they only stopping people of brown color ?????????????

  47. Charles Jeffery

    Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy You don't even know what your talking about you should keep your mouth shut your a raceist

  48. Charles Jeffery

    No one from the Rez even asked them to come here

  49. Susan Meeker

    It's a lot of money. Oh- there isn't a bombsquad, they're just using that vehicle for staging. I have heard so many opinions on the police presence. The most believable ones are having to do with the fact that where there's a lot of cash walking around, there will be a lot of people trying to get it, legally and illegally. I choose to believe that the police are just trying to protect those who are getting it legally. It does seem a little over the top, but let's just give them the benefit of the doubt as they are here to protect and serve. Thank you for being open-minded and respectful.

  50. Timothy Hoffman

    This is too funny, so we show up say we discovered a country, full of people who already live here, hmmmm, then we take the land there living on, and when the don't like it we kill em, Custer had it coming , then we stick waring tribes ( of native people on a piece of land far far away from where we want to be) I hope they drive through through town flipping every business there the bird, we all knowtthere's going to be problems, if you gave everyone in river town 7000 bucks there would problems there too, wake up people be part of !the solution not the problem , o yea Mike S stay safe out there,

  51. Charles Jeffery

    Number 1 Thumper you should be the one moving the Native American were here way way for the white people even set foot here .. Most of the land here was stolen now there is a push by your 2 GOP sentores trying for more.. We spend more then 3 million a months here in fermont county thru per caps per tribe lasdt time I did math that's over 72 million dollars a year The big Casino pumps in over 90 million a year … How much dose your people pump in here. Bertter get your facts straight befgore you start dishing BS out

  52. Raymond Chandler II

    lol randy gay ohh so smart nobody can understand a idoit ao there for I will not argue with one .

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