Riverton vs. Lander Soccer Matches: 6 Reasons you can’t miss these games

(Lander, Wyo) – Riverton boys look to extend a 5 year winning streak when they meet Lander on the fields at LVHS at 6:00 pm Tuesday night. However, that is only one of the exciting back-stories surrounding these games. Here are 6 reasons you can’t miss this opportunity to cheer on your team:

  • For local fans and the little kickers in Fremont County, this is the best live soccer they can watch without driving 5 hours. Short of driving to Salt Lake City or Denver, these high school matchups feature some of Wyoming’s strongest high school soccer players.
  • It’s been 2 years since these teams have squared off. The games were snowed out last year.
  • LVHS Varsity girls are the #1 ranked 3A girls squad.
  • This is Dan Howlett’s final cross-county match after 27 years as Head Coach at LVHS. Aside from Coach Howlett, only one other coach in Wyoming has been coaching since soccer was introduced as a high school sport in Wyoming in the mid 80’s.
  • The highest scoring players in both 4A and 3A boys will be going head-to-head in the same match. (Tristan White, RIV & Kyle Leemon, LND)
  • It’s Riverton versus Lander. Does it get more fun?

Varsity girls, and JV boys play at 4:00 pm, followed by the Varsity boys and JV girls at 6:00.

#9 Tristan White with a shot on goal

#9 Tristan White with a shot on goal


Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 3.11.57 PM

Kyle Leemon warming up before a match. (photo credit: D. Leemon)


  1. Gina Colovich

    Reason #7 there is no better place to spend a beautiful day with temps in the mid 70s!

  2. Mary D Haper

    We will be there!

  3. Jolene Bilbee-Osback

    Go Lander!!!!

  4. Jolene Bilbee-Osback

    Green! Green!

  5. Dannine Donaho

    Reason #8 It's always fun to have a big crowd in the background of my photos, especially if that crowd is a-yellin.

  6. Cory Landis

    GO BIG RED !!!!!!

  7. Jolene Bilbee-Osback

    Cory Landis Dislike

  8. Matt Curtis

    Go Lander! Hope you all won today!

  9. Annie Worley

    A game to go down in history

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