Brian Debolt, in red left, and Jason Hunter, in red right, spoke to the council. June Bonasera photo.

(Dubois, Wyo.) – With a larger than normal audience of more than 27 community residents in attendance at this week’s Dubois Town Council meeting, the discussion item listed as “presence of wolves in town” was clearly the topic of greatest interest.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials including District #7 Vice President Richard Klouda, Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator Brian Debolt and Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter were present to address Mayor and Town Council Members regarding what residents can and should do if conflict or damage to livestock or pets from wolves is observed, as well as address questions from residents at the meeting. DeBolt stated that the presence of wolves in Dubois is due to the large ungulate population surrounding it and the fact that there are “a lot of attractants in town such as deer.”

Several residents posed questions and expressed concerns over recent wolf sightings and experiences with wolves in and adjacent to town limits on private and town owned property. In response to those concerns, G&F recommended reporting any conflicts or damage to the Dubois Game Warden and Lander Office as soon as possible and scheduling a site visit, in addition to minimizing conflict through preventive measures.

The officials distributed collateral material including Chapter 56 Permit guidelines for Urban Big Game Reduction (which provides direction to municipalities as it pertains to lethal removal of big game animals through a Chapter 56 permit within municipality limits), Article 23 Regulatory Provisions for ‘Taking black bear, mountain lion, gray wolf, bobcat, weasel, badger, squirrels or muskrat for damaging property,’ 2012 End of Year Wolf Population totals, and a list of deer resistant plantings.


Action items approved at the meeting included:

-Approval of Nelson Engineering’s proposal for the resurfacing of Third Street – 2013 Water Distribution Project. 

-Approval of Resolution 14-002 authorizing submission of a Federal Mineral Royalty Capital Construction Account Grant Application to SLIB on behalf of the Governing Body for the Town of Dubois for the Purpose of the 2014 water distribution project. The grant will be approximately $400, 000.

-Approval of Resolution 14-003 authorizing the Dubois Town Park electrical enhancement project and authorizing the mayor to sign a Never Sweat Recreation Board grant application request for funds. The amount requested is $5,000, with a $5,000 match from the Town budget.

 -Approval of Resolution 14-004 authorizing The Headwaters Art and Conference Center and the Town of Dubois to submit and authorizing the mayor to sign the Never Sweat Recreation Board grant application for matching funds. The matching fund amount is $1,000.

-Approval of Resolution 14-005 authorizing the Mayor to sign a Never Sweat Recreation Board grant application to supplement the cost of the July 4, 2014 fireworks. The grant application is for $1,525.

-Approval to authorize Utility Billing to revert to a Commercial Small Business Rate for the Dubois Chamber of Commerce.

-Approval to reappoint Tim Shell to the Airport Board for a term of five years ending January 31, 2019.

-Approval to declare as surplus property listed items and advertise for sealed bids. Bids will be considered at the March 19, 2014 council meeting:

-Approval of Accounts Payable list dated February 7, 2014.

-Approval to accept January 2014 Financial Report as presented.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40 p.m. before reconvening for an Executive Session to discuss legal and personnel issues.