Wyoming Legislature pushing back against EPA regulations

Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton.

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – The Wyoming House of of Representatives voted almost unanimously today to introduce a bill that pushes back against the Environmental Protection Agency. Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, introduced the bill.

“The bill empowers the Governor of Wyoming, through the Attorney General, to take action against the overreach of the EPA,” states a news release from the Legislature’s Majority. “The Obama Administration continues to use the agency to skirt the federal legislative process and enact rules and regulations that have a devastating impact on energy producing states such as Wyoming.”

The vote to introduce House Bill 78 passed 56-3, with one absence. The only Fremont County Representative to vote against the measure was Patrick Goggles, D-Ethete.

“The war on coal being waged by the Obama Administration has already had detrimental impacts on energy production in Wyoming, and things only stand to get worse,” said Representative Miller. “The EPA continues to thwart the development of coal, natural gas and our access to public lands.”

“Mineral production drives revenues in Wyoming and it’s our responsibility to pushback against the continued threat posed by the EPA,” continued Miller.

Senate Joint Resolution 1 (SJ1), a resolution requesting Congress to require the EPA to respect the primacy of Wyoming in developing guidelines for regulating carbon dioxide emissions, was also cleared for consideration. The resolution is sponsored by Senator Jim D. Anderson (SD-2) who said the fact this resolution has garnered so much support during a session focused on the budget shows its importance.

“It’s been said that we shouldn’t fear failure, but we should fear succeeding at things that don’t really matter,” said Senator Anderson. “This matters. The overreach of the EPA threatens jobs, our economy and our way of life.

“This resolution is about protecting state’s rights and our ability to determine a lot of our own outcomes,” continued Senator Anderson. “Not only are we responsible, but we’re capable of guiding our own future.

House Bill 78 has been referred to the House Minerals Committee for further consideration. SJ1 is now pending in the Senate Minerals Committee.


  1. Arland Moss

    WHAT,S OUR,S is OUR,S'' before your boat touched land,'

  2. Jt Trosper

    Come on representative miller….you know darn well this bill is only there to fight the
    tribes…is to protect the countys tax base…as written into your bill.

    You guys hate us…you despise us…you scorn us and demean us…but God forbid you
    Get your hand snatched from the tribal cookie jar….you all know your town would dry up
    without tribal money…and your ability to function as a city and county gov would
    be severely jeoperdized by the loss of the sales tax we indians pay.

    Greed is the motive

  3. Rich Lembo

    Since when did PUBLIC LANDS become Government Property??

  4. Rich Lembo

    Its not taxed because it is Everyones! How can it be claimed and given to corporations w/ tax reliefs but not people? BTW…The Wild horses and animals are NOT government Property either!!

  5. Jt Trosper

    Since when did tribal land..that surrounds riverton…become public?

  6. Darren Willow

    war time huh? Sue them then!

  7. Rich Lembo

    I'm on your side..misworded but they do it to all of America..not just tribal lands.

  8. Rich Lembo

    I thought the land belonged to no one man. Was that not the premise?

  9. Karma Armajo

    EPA KNOWS BEST…do think or guess that the EPA CALL THEMSELVES LIARS, he'll no, just saying haha…
    or what's going on, for reals

  10. Stephen Fasthorse

    Isn't Miller supposedly on some type of Indian Affairs Committee of sort??

  11. Chuck Hall

    anythinng to break a treaty huh that all there about thats all they have ever been about take take all they can even if they know there wrong thats why i dont like pepole of the white way of greed and yes i know that not all white men are like this but those ones that are i dont lile you i dont have any amonunt of respect for you and i hate greed and greedy pepole

  12. Chuck Hall

    i also know that what i said is posted to county ten news good dont like what i say good i realy dont care

  13. Sandy Tognetti-Medvigy

    So if the reservation will be its own sovereign nation, then the federal government can stop proving welfare, food stamps, housing assistance , and free college to the tribe?

  14. La Dee

    Welfare, food stamps, housing assistance and free college are provided to millions of other non native American people across the US…..it does not apply just to tribes. Free college also comes in the form of scholarships and pell grants which many students take advantage of. Off the subject just a tad bit but that is a good question you had Sandy. Have a good day!

  15. Jt Trosper

    So sandy….you must not realize the tribes are and have been
    sovereign nations…and so if the epa stands behind its decision and the courts back it…you say we should be excempt from the same service the rest of america receive?…so ate you then thinking if the state prevails…they too should be excempt from the millions in hud funds…billions in welfare assistance wyo has received over the years….the hundreds of millions in federal highwY monies……or is youre thoughts simply a " how can we further hurt those damm savages"

  16. Michael Patterson

    We have the EPA for EXACTLY this reason. The representatives have a political and monetary conflict of interest with deciding what is best for the health and future of Wyoming and neighboring states in this case. The economy of the next 100 years is also important and we have to consider if we want to leave a Wyoming worth living and working in for future generations too. Wyoming's beauty could outlast the energy gold rush and be the sustainable resource to build upon, but only if we protect it.

  17. La Dee

    Jt Trosper: I think many of the comments are not researched by the writer (such as Sandy) and they tend to poke sarcasm towards the tribe. But notice that she is confused by reservation and tribe and who or what is sovereign. It seems as though you are well informed on this issue and have educated a few open minded individuals. I have got to ask, what do you think about R-town in the coming months/year? Since there are about four individuals city council members whose term will end. Since tribal members live in Riverton, can they run for city council? I also believe that the governors term will expire soon. Do you think the legal fight will get stronger as state and city elections come?

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