The scene of the initial water break on Tuesday afternoon. Becki Weber photo.

(Shoshoni, Wyo.) – While work crews in Shoshoni have repaired the broken main water line, service is not back to normal, Mayor Scott Peters said in an interview Wednesday afternoon.

Water is being provided to the town straight from a well, currently, but not through the main line.

Peters said a rumor got started at some point after the break on Tuesday morning that the water was contaminated. That rumor was brought to the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency’s attention, and the agency is requiring testing to be done before the main line is reactivated.

“There’s nothing wrong with our water,” Peters said. Of the water currently flowing to town, he said, “It’s potable; It’s fine; It’s right out of the well.”

So an EPA representative and the town’s public works employees will be testing the water in the main line tomorrow. The town will have to wait 24 hours for test results, which means the earliest the water could be turned on is Friday.

During this time, Peters is still asking the town’s residents to conserve water. The flow from the well is not at the same pressure as it would be with regular service, so usage is requested to be minimal.

To compound the town’s problems, Peters said the second main water line also broke last night. Repairs on it are ongoing.

The cause of the breaks is still under investigation.