New Ambulance Director Joseph Zillmer, far right, with former interim director Todd Smith, met with the Fremont County Commission this morning. Joshua Scheer photo.

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Commission this morning met briefly with new Fremont County Ambulance Director Joseph Zillmer.

Zillmer said he’s been learning a lot about the local agency over the last week or so. He is beginning the process of a needs assessment of the department, looking at employees, call densities, response times and inefficiencies. ¬†From there Zillmer told the commission that he’d begin formulating recommendations for changes.

He also said he would like to be involved on the state level in hopes to some day loosen some state-restrictions.

His biggest concern in the near future is how the Affordable Care Act will affect reimbursement to ambulance departments. “That’s the great unknown,” he said. Zillmer said he fears that federal reimbursements will not be as high as they are now.