(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Modeler’s Park is looking to expand by leasing the city’s Rendevous Ponds off of East Monroe for remote controlled boats and watercraft. Presently, the Modeler’s Park sub-leases a parcel north of the city for remote controlled aircraft, but water is in insufficient supply there for watercraft.

In a draft proposal that will be discussed at a work session of the Riverton City Council Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m., the park is requesting some restrictions of public access if they gain the lease.  In a memorandum to the Mayor and council, City Administrator Steven Weaver said the group does not want to allow motorized travel in the area and suggested they could erect several gates. The group said they would plan to add some improvements at the site, if the lease is approved, and wanted to control access to minimize vandalism.  The public could still access the Wind River, but only on foot.

“Public property is owned by everyone and should have equal access to these properties,” Weaver said in the memo. However, he also said “The Modeler’s Park Association is a great organization that is providing recreational activities for both the old and the young.

The item is being addressed in a work session, Weaver wrote, “to talk through the issues and determine if there is enough support to move this forward in approving the lease at a regular city council meeting.”