Students wrote out clean copies of their restaurant reviews in Mrs. Dale’s 3rd grade classroom at Rendezvous School Thursday. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Third grade students in Kristi Dale’s class at Riverton’s Rendezvous Elementary School embarked on a recent writing assignment that, simply put, was delicious. The students went and sampled items at local fast-food locations and then wrote a review of a restaurant. As it turned out, the reviews all featured the Riverton McDonald’s Restaurant.

Mrs. Dale’s students spend 55 minutes each day on writing, in the time period following lunch. In the morning, the students study their math and science lessons, read aloud in the classroom, practice handwriting and such.

Last Thursday the students were busy transferring their restaurant reviews from their notebooks onto a clean sheets of paper and using their best handwriting technique.


When the Riverton McDonald’s heard about the assignment, the restaurant gave the school 240 Hamburger Happy Meal coupons, one for each third grader. Rendezvous Principal Sherly Esposito came to Mrs. Dale’s classroom to tell the students they were getting coupons, and they were quite happy.

It was obvious that McDonald’s was a hit with the kids…

IMG_0966Here is a sample of the reviews (As they were actually written):

• Mcdonalds Mmmmmm… I love the food. Mcds it is sooooo good. I like the playground it is safe and it is fun. The service is good and it is fast. you should go to McD’s right now.

• The service at Mcdondonalds is great they give you fun toys to play with. The people who serve your food and ask what you want they are very very nice. Andyou don’t have to wait a long time to get your food. Mcdonalds fries don’t have to much salt on them. Thehot fudge sundays are to die for. The chicken nuggets are crispy and warm. The playground has rules and it is fun.

• Mmmm! McDonalds is the best place to go for dinner. It has ausome food, great service and really cheap prices. Do you know what McDonalds food fast like? The these burgers are delis! And the fries are to fie for when dipped in ketchup.

The service is just great the chefs have every thing reedy to eat. Now that they redesighnd Mcdonalds it looks great. I love that there is a window to watch kids play.

The price is really low. It is down to 1 to 5 dollers. That is why you need to eat at McD’s because the prices are low, the food is great, and the service is great.

• Is there any place better than McDonalds? No! McDonalds is the best restrant to go to with $2 and above menu, polite service, and delicious food.

McDonalds food is mostly on the one or the two dollers and above menu. Also their prices are low avrige.

Hello! That’s what the service greet you with. Their service is polite and fast. When you sit down your food is 5 min. away

So, as you have been reading, McDonalds is the best restraint to go to with low avige prices, polite sevise, and delicious food.

RES Principal Sheryl Esposito handed out Happy Meal coupons. (EO)

RES Principal Sheryl Esposito handed out Happy Meal coupons. (EO)

• Micdonelds. Mmmm… yum yum…the smell of their cheeseburger smell great. Also they have great servos at Midonelds and low price. there food is also delicis.

Can you fine a cheaper place then Midonelds. You will find a list on the one doller menu. In my world, they have the longest one doller menu. Most of the stuff at mcd is on the one doller menu. If you go to mcd you will never find anything over 25$ in Midonelds histery.

Can you find better servos than Mcdonelds. Evry time you go there it is squiky clean. When you go to there play day it is clean. when you leave somby cleans off that table.

Tip there food is delicis! There french frise have the just rite amount of salt on the french fries.

By the way the chees burgurs are delicis! Ow ya the chicken nuggets are to die for.

Remember, they have good servos price, and good food.

P.S. Go to Mcd when ever you get a chance.