UPDATED at 10:50 p.m.

(Edgerton, Wyo.) – County10.com has received word that a Riverton High School bus carrying the swim team was involved in a wreck earlier today due to weather conditions while returning from a meet in Gillette.

Cody Beers, father of RHS swimmer Baylor Beers, reports that all the students and coaches are OK. He learned from his son that the bus, upon climbing a hill, apparently minimally struck a vehicle that had slid sideways in the road. Baylor Beers was reportedly in a vehicle train behind the bus. The wreck happened about seven miles east of Edgerton on Wyoming Highway 387.

“Swim team members came to the aid of a man and his son, and helped them out of their vehicle after it had been struck by two trucks in the snowy and slick conditions,” Cody Beers said on Facebook and reiterated in an interview.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Adam Bruning, who investigated the wreck, said said a Chevy Malibu and semi had a head-on collision in the wake of a snowplow’s flurries, leaving the Malibu in the middle of the roadway. Bruning said the RHS bus came upon the wreck seeing only the grey blob of the vehicle in the road as the headlights had been broken. He said the bus driver “missed most of it” and barely hit the Malibu.

Bruning said a passenger car following the bus had to hit the ditch to avoid the wreck, and a semi behind it barely nicked the Malibu as well.

The two occupants of the Malibu were sent to a hospital and were expected to be kept over night, but should be OK, Bruning said. “They should buy a lottery ticket,” he said, noting they survived being struck by three vehicles in a snowstorm. The driver of the first semi was also transported. Bruning arrived to the wreck after ambulances arrived and was unable to confirm action by RHS students.

As of 10:15 p.m., the swim team was still returning to Riverton.

“My understanding is that everyone is OK, and the Riverton boys swim team help to save some lives on this Saturday evening,” Beers said. “What a great story about these boys and their coaches! I’m so thankful for these coaches and boys and the many bus drivers who take our sons and daughters places every weekday and every weekend during the Wyoming winter. They are heroes, too. Thank you everyone! Thanks be to God for everyone’s safety and safe journey home to Riverton! Go Wolverines!”

County10.com has reached out via Beers to the swim team for additional information.