(Lander, Wyo.) – Design work for the reconstruction of a portion of Mortimore Lane south of Lander is continuing, but the Fremont County Commission was notified on Tuesday that costs for the work have risen.

After some months of discussion, and locals voicing support and opposition to the addition of a pathway along the road, the commission opted to move forward with the added pathway within the existing right of way. In doing so, the design got permission from land owners along the road to move the ditches out of the right of way and onto private property.

Dowl HKM Engineer Diane Oress told the commission that with the extra design work to move the ditches, a relocation of one individual’s driveway, and meeting with the land owners, her firm’s costs were increased as well. The design amendment totals nearly $25,000.

The commission did not raise opposition to the increased cost, however it decided to wait to figure out how to pay for it based on a more detailed overall cost estimate that should be available later this month. Design is expected to be 90 percent complete by Feb. 24, Oress said.

The total budget for the project is approximately $1 million, with some grant funds expected to help pay for the addition of the pathway. Some of the increased design costs could come out of the built-in contingency funds or out of the project budget if construction estimates are decreased.

Commissioner Stephanie Kessler also noted she knows of a private philanthropic source interested in supporting the project.