Photo by Chris Havener, courtesy IPSSSDR.

Stacey Teasley during the West Yellowstone leg of the race. Photo by Chris Havener, courtesy IPSSSDR.

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander Leg of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race was won today by Stacey Teasley who turned in the fastest time of 2:07:28. Mushers who followed in the top 10 included Aaron Peck 2:09:39, Blayne “Buddy” Streeper 2:11:02, John Stewart 2:14:44, Dave Turner 2:14:55, Alix Crittenden 2:15:05, Jerry Bath 2:17:36, Frank Moe 2:24:42, Ryan Redington 2:24:46, and Dennis Laboda 2:25:40.

Aaron Peck’s run today places him two minutes behind Stacey, and he was followed closely by the “always fast” Buddy Streeper, John Stewart, Dave Turner and Alix Crittenden. Stacey will be wearing the Yellow Bib for the Pinedale Stage tomorrow in Pinedale.

Lander’s Jerry Bath finished 7th in today’s 4th leg, and he is still running in 8th place overall.

Accumulative overall times for the first three stages —

1.) Blayne “Buddy” Streeper 10:01:23;

2.) John Stewart 10:28:18;

3.) Dave Turner 10:49:43;

4.) Aaron Peck 10:56:41;

5.) Stacey Teasley 11:05:09:

6.) Bruce Magnusson 11:08:01;

7.) Alix Crittenden 11:12:02;

8.) Jerry Bath 11:31:05;

9.) Ryan Redington 11:56:25;

10.) Jenny Gregor 12:00:08;

11.) Dennis Laboda 12:01:28;

12.) JR Anderson 12:04:37;

13.) Frank Moe 12:33:44;

14.) Jeff Conn 12:48:41;

15.) Sylvain Robillard 13:07:17, and

16.) Andrew Letzring 14:44:24.

Lander Musher Jerry Bath. (Joshua Scheer photo.)

Lander Musher Jerry Bath. (Joshua Scheer photo.)