(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander City Council will meet tonight in a work session to discuss a number of items, including a request from the Pushroot Community Garden.

The garden is asking the city to waive increased water fees for the garden and to let them use the water at rates as they existed before the turn of the year. The garden board is also asking that meter fees be waived for the entire year.

“In conclusion, we believe that because charging the garden for its water use will save the city a negligible amount of money, because the garden is actually saving the city money by maintaining and improving this piece of property, and because the garden is a valuable community asset of which the city should be proud, we ask the city council to reconsider its decision to begin charging Pushroot Community Garden for its water consumption,” states a letter from garden board chairman Monty Hettich.

He also note that the gardens can and will reduce water usage in future years.

The garden is also seeking permission to install and maintain a composting toilet for the garden.

Also on the council’s agenda for tonight are discussion the 1 percent optional tax committee’s project recommendations, determine council liaisons for the next year and staff updates.