Students with their projects.

Photo of Lander Middle School students from Gayla Hammer.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The winners of the West Central Science Fair, held at Central Wyoming College Jan. 27-29, have been announced by fair organizers.

(Separate posts highlighting Lander and Riverton students are also available.)

In the junior division of Animal Sciences, Jordan Troxel placed first followed by Ashley Haratyk and Kailee Behunin, who tied for second place and Abby Renner, who came in third. All of the students are from Lander Middle School. In the senior division, Sydney Thayer of Riverton High School placed first.

RHS students dominated the Behavioral and Social Sciences senior category. Amanda Johnston came in first, followed by Bekah Branson in second and Amanda Johnston, third. Students from Lander were the winners in the junior division. Placing first was Fiachra Rottinghaus, followed by Ellie Jones in second. Tying for third were Lauren Fontaine and Abby Hamilton. Emma Wilkinson and Alexa Mazur received honorable mentions.

RHS’s Mackayla Smith was first in the senior division of the biochemistry category, while LMS students won in the junior division. Lili Gose was in second place and Groven Ragsdale and William Lawrence tied for third place.

LMS student Autumn Hnilicka took third place honors in the junior division of cellular and molecular biology.

RHS student Rachel Hutchinson came in first in the senior chemistry category. James Whiting of LMS placed first, followed by two Wind River Middle School students, Darby Schooner and Alison Johnson, who tied for second. LMS’ Drew Wyant received an honorable mention.

Austin Roberts of RHS placed third in the senior computer science division while Janae Harris of RHS received an honorable mention in senior division of earth and planetary science. WRMS student Jorden James was first in junior division of energy and transportation.

In the junior division of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Tagish Reber of LMS took first place honors, followed by Abilene Philleo of WRMS and Molly Fehringer of LMS tying for second. In the senior division, Nancy Webb of RHS came in first.

In Materials and Bioengineering, WRMS student Sean White placed first in the junior division, followed by LMS students Olivia Fowler in second and MacKenzie Jordan in third. Colton Befus of WRMS received an honorable mention as did Koa Rodriguez of RHS in the senior division.

In the junior division of environmental sciences, LMS student Atalie Thatch won first place and WRMS students Cole Nelson and Lillian Woods tied for second. Honorable mentions went to LMS students Caleb Huelskamp, Ursula Anderson and Sawyer Hitshew as well as Owen McAdams of WRMS. LMS student Noah Gans placed first in the junior division of mathematical sciences.

In the junior division of medicine and health sciences, LMS students swept the awards with Macy Jacobson in first, Noelle Harris in second and Emilee Robbins in third. Lilia Arellano of LMS and Layne Sanderson of WRMS took honorable mentions. In the senior division, RHS students reigned with Kira Griffin coming in first and Shaylee Ketelhut in second.

LMS’s Li Platz, Ryan Brinda and Makayla McPherson swept the first three places of junior division of physics and astronomy. Fellow student Bridger Kimber received honorable mention. Troy Cassity, Makenzie Valerio and Laramy Conelly, all RHS students, were in first, second and third in the senior division.

In the junior microbiology category, LMS students Chase Bolding placed first, Ryan Brinda, second; and tying for third were Elise Haase and Becky Cecrle. Rachel Graham of RHS placed first in the senior division.

In the junior division of plant sciences, LMS student Allison Brown was first followed by WRMS’s Alexis Herbert in second and LMS’ Tim Nelson in third. Grace Flint earned an honorable mention. Emily Dayton of RHS was in first place in the senior division.

–Central Wyoming College