A family that cheers together… Trenton, Shelby and Brayden Maus

(Riverton, Wyo.) – There was one Seattle Seahawk fan in attendance at the big Bronco Tailgate and Pep Rally when County10.com visited the site this afternoon. Well, make that 1.5 fans. While dad Trenton Maus was decked out in Bronco Orange, mom Shelby was attired in Seahawk bright green and blue and their son, 2 and one-half-year-old Brayden, wore a Seahawks cap and a Broncos shirt (photo above). “We all know the Broncos will win,” said Trenton. Shelby just rolled her eyes and Brayden, well, he was busy chowing down on a free hotdog inside the Hammer Electronics Radio Shack Store.

Outside, hot dogs were being grilled, John Sousa’s famous chili was being served and Pepsi had its drink trailer serving up colas and Mountain Dews. It was a festive atmosphere both inside and outside.

Inside the adjoining Safeway store, Billie Spoonhunter was spotted with a big selection of Orange balloons. “These are for my son and brother who recently passed away. They were big Bronco fans,” she said. “I’m going to put them on their graves at the cemetery. They’ll have the best view of the game than anybody else!” she said.

All throughout Riverton, Bronco Orange was the color of the day as fans showed off their favorite team colors (Denver’s, sorry Seattle). Bronco flags were seen adorning cars driving up and down Main Street, several businesses posted Bronco flags, several stores displays featured Super Bowl themes and the final day of Super Bowl sales were in progress in advance of the big game Sunday afternoon.

At the grocery store, chips and salsa, hotdogs and sausages, Orange pop and sports drinks were flying off the shelves for Super Bowl parties on Sunday.

Photos by Ernie Over, mouse over for captions, click to enlarge.