Giantess Geyser -YNP/Canon Webcame

Image captured from a video of the Giantess Eruption from the YNP/Canon web cam at Old Faithful Visitors Center. The eruption is taking place across the Firehole River behind the Old Faithful Geyser (National Park Service) 

(Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.) – Geyser Gazers report that Giantess Geyser in the Old Faithful Geyser Basin has been active now for some 40 straight hours, still emitting steam on Friday. According to YNP, the geyser last erupted 2 years, 139 days ago. The eruption began on Wednesday afternoon. It is one of the largest and noisiest geysers in the park. This most recent period of the geyser being dormant is the longest recorded. The geyser usually erupts twice a year.