Photo by kaband/shutterstock.

Photo by kaband/shutterstock.

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander City Council last night opted not to repeal a section of city ordinances that allow snowmobile riding on city streets.

The repeal was voted down 2-4 on first reading. Council President Nancy Pieropan and Councilman Dick Hudson were the two in favor of getting rid of the ordinance. Mayor Mick Wolfe was not in attendance.

Hudson said his thinking was that the ordinance was intended to let people use snowmobiles as in-town transportation when the Continental Divide Trail was being developed. Since trails connecting Lander to the main trail never came to fruition and the way the city cleans its streets, there isn’t much use for the ordinance, he said.

Councilors Monte Richardson and Buddy Spriggs both said that if the ordinance isn’t causing any problems, there’s no reason to get rid of it.

Councilor Dan Hahn called the ability to ride snowmobiles in town a right, but Councilor Cade Maestas disagreed. Maestas noted someone in his neighborhood tends to drag race his snowmobile in town, breaking the ordinance as it currently exists. After the vote to repeal failed, Maestas suggested working to clean up the existing ordinance.

Lander Police Chief Jim Carey estimated that officers have received maybe six complaints in the last three years.

The complete existing regulations on snowmobiles can be found in section 8-10-1 of the city ordinances.