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(Riverton, Wyo.) – Police Captain Eric Murphy said police received two fraud reports within 10 minutes of each other on Monday evening.

In the first instance, reported at 6:50 p.m., a woman reported that representatives from a law firm who identified themselves as Epstein and Weinberg called a Riverton woman and demanded immediate payment of $1,846.19 in U. S. denominations to stop the impending arrest of her mother. She complied and completed the payment on-line with her Discover Card. The woman checked with her mother, who said she was unaware of any problem. The woman called police when she realized she was victimized by a scam. Murphy said if any other local resident receives a call from that law firm to be especially wary.

The second scam had an unusual twist. A woman reported that that she responded to an email that promised she would be paid for her to model for a photographer. The photographer’s name was Anthony. The reporting party said she was supposed to meet Anthony in Rock Springs for the photo shoot and that he would pay her at that time, including her expenses. He than began texting the 20-year-old Riverton female and told her he had to reschedule. In the interim, she received a cashiers check in the amount of $2850 which she cashed and deposited in her bank account. On Monday, Anthony called the woman and wanted her to purchase three $500 “money pacs” of gift and debit cards. She withdrew $1,500 and made the purchase at Walmart, and she sent him the money pacs and the security codes for the cards. She finally disclosed this information to her boyfriend, who told her to stop because it was probably a scam. After the police were contacted, they conducted a search and discovered several similar scams around the country. Police attempted to contact Anthony at the number he had left with the woman but the number was no longer valid.