(Photo image by STILLFX / Shutterstock.com)

(Riverton, Wy0.) – Riverton police are continuing an investigation into a case of alleged theft of medicine from an 82-year-old resident living at the Teton Sertoma Building at North Third and East Main. The man came to the police department to report that he had just recently had knee replacement surgery and was issued a hydrocodone prescription for the pain. He told police that he had read about other medication thefts, so he purchased a plastic tool box to lock his medicines in. Only he and his granddaughter allegedly knew that’s where his meds were kept, he said.

On the 25th, the granddaughter and another woman came to see him while he was downstairs doing his laundry. The granddaughter asked for his apartment key so she could go to the bathroom. She then returned the key and left in what the man said was in a bit of a hurry.  Some time later after the man returned to his apartment and laid down for nap, he said he had a feeling about his medicine and went to check, discovering the the toolbox had been unlocked and the 25 hydrocodone pills were missing.

The RPD contacted the granddaughter and her companion, who both reportedly refused to talk to the officers. Police made a report of the theft so the man could get a refill of his medicine from the VA Clinic, and they are following-up with additional investigation.

Both of the two alleged suspects are 31-year-old Riverton residents.