(Hudson, Wyo.) – Earlier this month, an assault suspect was charged with interference with a peace officer and false imprisonment after kicking at an officer and threatening a woman during his arrest.

Nathan Surrell, 27, on Jan. 15 allegedly interfered with Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputy Phil Holder and unlawfully restrained Michelle Harris.

The interference charge is a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The false imprisonment charge is a misdemeanor with penalties up to one year and/or $1,000 in fines.

The affidavit in the case, filed on Jan. 21, is written by Deputy Charles Foutz, and it states he was dispatched on Jan. 15 to the area of the Hudson Fire Hall in reference to an assault victim.

The alleged victim reportedly told officers she was beat up by Surrell at an address on New York Avenue where she had been partying with Surrell, Sherman Quiver and Harris.

Upon arriving at the home, deputies allegedly knocked on the door, announced their presence and could hear people inside, but there was no answer. Apparent blood was seen on the walk and steps leading up to the residence.

“It was then decided entry needed to be made into the home to ensure the health of whoever may be inside,” the affidavit states, noting that after not getting a response, deputies kicked open the door.

Upon entering, the deputies reportedly could hear a female’s voice coming from the back of the house, and they ordered her to come out.

“After a few moments, Michelle Harris began inching out of a bathroom off the hallway,” states the affidavit. “She was followed by Nathan Surrell who had his right arm around her throat in a choke hold.”

Deputies reportedly ordered him to let Harris go multiple times, but he refused and yelled profanities at them. Eventually he let her go and Surrell was ordered to lie on the floor.

“Before lying complete prone, Surrell got back up,” the affidavit states. “He was told again to lie down or he would be tased. Surrell lay down and Deputy Foutz gained control of his right arm when Surrell began wriggling around and resisting.” While being cuffed, Surrell allegedly attempted to bite Deputy Holder.

Surrell, after being cuffed, allegedly attempted to kick Deputy Holder and attempted to trip him. He was tased while being ordered to stop. Quiver was the ordered to exit the bathroom, and during that time Surrell allegedly attempted to wrap his feet around Holder’s legs. He was tased a second time.

The case against Surrell has not yet been bound over from Circuit to District Court.