Gannet Peak Elementary School in Lander is one of the “prototype” schools to be visited. (Joshua Scheer photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Three prototype schools will be toured by Fremont County School District #25 officials and patrons this week in an attempt to speed up the process for building Riverton’s new elementary school on West Monroe. They are called prototype schools because if any one of the three fit Riverton’s needs, the district could acquire the plans rather than spend upwards of six to nine months to have a new school designed from scratch.

The prototype schools are those nominated by the three architectural design firm finalists from six proposals the district received. “Each of the three finalists has agreed to show us a building they have constructed that will represent the building they are proposing,” said Superintendent Terry Snyder in an email announcing the tour.

“They would not be an exact duplicate, but with some alterations to fit our specific needs,” Snyder said earlier this month. The schools to be toured are in Rawlins, Lander and Pinedale. The Rawlins school will be toured Tuesday afternoon and the district’s delegation is scheduled to be in Lander and Pinedale on Wednesday. Members of the delegation will include district administrators and staff plus parents and community members who volunteered to serve on the new facilities collaboration committee, he said. As of Monday, some 23 individuals had signed up for the tour.

The prototype schools and the firm that designed them include, Rawlins-MOA Architecture of Casper; Lander-Plan 1 Architects of Cody; and Pinedale-Sandstrom Associates of Utah.

“We want our new school to be organizationally and community friendly,” Snyder said. “When considering a plan, it’s not just the drawings, you get a whole another and different feel by seeing a building.” He said several key steps still remain in the process, including the funding of the new school which is expected in the upcoming session of the Wyoming Legislature. In the interim, he said site work could commence this summer. Snyder said the district had already determined to locate the new school on the southern end of the 16+ acre parcel it purchased earlier this year at the west end of West Monroe. See that story here.

After the tour and selection of the firm to design the school, District 25 will present a contract to the Wyoming School Facilities Department for approval.