(Cheyenne, Wyo.)Advances in technology have come to the Troopers of the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  Although we have had in car touch-screen computers in our patrol vehicles for some time now, Troopers can now run nationwide drivers license checks, vehicle registrations and will issue citations right from the in-car computer (MDT). 

The advances to the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) in the patrol vehicles extends the reach of critical information giving Troopers access to a statewide roadway map and other features such as two-way messaging and Wyoming and nationwide warrant queries.

The Trooper will be able to give dispatch their status by utilizing the touch screen radio button status commands or typing in a location.  This method eliminates verbal radio traffic which is very useful during high volume dispatch times such as storms and special events. 

The program utilizes GPS technology in each MDT whereupon any Trooper and/or Dispatcher can open a map in a real time display to see where other WHP vehicles are anywhere in the State.  This GPS function is most useful to Dispatchers who can look at the map to dispatch the closest patrol vehicle to an incident. 

Troopers will have access to several modules utilizing the Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) software to include arrest, DWUI, incident reports in addition to the citation module.  Once the reports have been generated the Troopers can submit reports to their supervisor for approval right from the patrol vehicle via a high speed network interface. 

Once information for a citation has been entered by the Trooper he/she will print out the citation to give to the violator.  The Trooper will then immediately submit the citation from the patrol vehicle via the network interface to the appropriate circuit court and to the WHP data entry personnel by simply approving the citation.

This technology will integrate voice and data communications both from and to the field personnel which will allow the Wyoming Highway Patrol to better serve the State of Wyoming.