(Hudson, Wyo.) – It was five years in the making, but first-time author Carol Genaro has published her first book. “Liberty, The Life and Times of an Adventurer’s Companion” is the story of Genaro’s 30 year-long adventure with Liberty, who she first met when he was just another buckskin colt, and a bit frisky at that.

“Johnny had warned me-this ‘rogue’ he was hauling home to Hudson for me he could hurt you bad. And so began the adventure,” reads the back cover.

In an interview this past week as the book was delivered, Genaro said it is up to the reader to determine who was the adventurer and who was the companion. “Liberty was 31 years old, I lost him about six years ago,” she said.

A 50 year-resident of Hudson, Genaro is most widely known as an active member of the Wind River Back Country Horsemen. She’s been riding and help maintaining and protecting the trails in Wyoming for many decades. “I’ve done a lot of volunteering with all of the agencies on the Continental Divide Trail and I rode him on the major portion of all that.”

“This book is really timeless,” she said. “The mountains won’t change, the trails are there, and it’s the same in the Red Desert. You can still go there and enjoy these many trails. They’re timeless. I definitely encourage other folks to get out and enjoy what is in their back door.”

Carol is shown on a ride several years ago around Lost Wells Butte near Riverton.

Carol on a ride several years ago around Lost Wells Butte.

Genaro said she’s ridden on all of the trails above Lander and many of them around Dubois, both day trips and backpack trips. “The stories also cover our adventures in the Sierra Madres and on up into Yellowstone.

Genaro noted that the book is a total local product. “It was locally produced. Roz Westman laid out the book and inserted the photos, it was printed at Western Printing in Lander, and it was bound in Casper,” she said. “I used Patty Trautman, herself a horse woman, at Mortimore Publishing to get going.”

Genaro said her most fond memories are of meeting other people on the trail and visiting with them. “Three times, three years in a row, I ran into people who didn’t have bear spray with them, they didn’t know they were in bear country, so I gave them mine,” she recalled.

Genaro is planning a book signing soon, and will announce that when it is scheduled.

In the mean time, in addition to distributing her books in many locations in and around the county, including the library, Genaro said she loves sitting in her home and looking toward the Winds. “Shoshone Lake is one of my favorite places, and my house looks out toward Mount Arter.”

The book is filled with stories about the trips she and Liberty took together and the friends they made along way.

The Hudson author said the book have been very well received so far. “The magic still goes on with that old horse, doing this and talking about the book.”