(Lander, Wyo.) – If you’re heading to Riverton this morning from the Lander area, prepare for a slow drive. A more than 1 million pound load negotiated the intersection of Highways 287 and 789 at about 9:15 a.m., and is heading toward Riverton on Highway 789.

The demethanizer column heading for a refinery, transported by a Mammoet, has spent the last couple days coming through South Pass and is now heading through Riverton.

According one of Mammoet’s crew, Barney Gerber, the load is 425 feet long, 21 feet high and 20 feet wide. He was not at liberty to say where the transport was heading, but he said the crew is only allowed to travel in the daylight hours and has strict restrictions on how it can operate.

Lander Police, Wyoming Highway Patrol and Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted with traffic control. (Click photos to enlarge. Joshua Scheer photos.)