(Lander, Wyo) - For over ten years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming has hosted the Laws of Life Essay Contest, now called the American Dream Essay Contest: What it Means to Me.  This year we continue our partnership with James P. Owen, author of Cowboy Ethics, Cowboy Values and The Try to bring our youth a way to pursue their vision regarding the meaning of their lives and the ethics that guide them.

The thematic transition of the contest has allowed Wyoming’s youth the opportunity to express how they use their ethics and values to achieve their own American Dream. These essays perfectly illustrate what it means to live by the Code of the West and to never give up when faced with adversity when trying to achieve their goals.
For more information, visit http://www.americandreamessay.org.  You can pick up a copy of Cowboy Ethics, Cowboy Values from Mrs. Stanbury in the LVHS Counseling Office or visit www.cowboyethics.org.


The Code of the West

1.   Live Each Day With Courage

2.   Take Pride in Your Work

3.   Always Finish What You Start

4.   Do What Has to be Done

5.   Be Tough, but Fair

6.   When You Make a Promise, Keep It

7.   Ride for the Brand

8.   Talk Less and Say More

9.   Remember That Some Things Aren’t for Sale

10. Know Where to Draw the Line


Local High School Winners
First Place –      $300
Second Place – $200
Third Place –     $100

State High School Winners
First Place –      $3,000
Second Place – $2,000

Third Place –     $1,000

Essays must be submitted to the LVHS Counseling Office by Feb. 14.