(Lander, Wyo.) – The students of Gannett Peak Elementary School are seeking your support for helping their counterparts in Uganda in getting clean water.

The students, led by Jamie Franzen’s third-grade class, will be doing 10,000 pushups on Friday morning in order to raise awareness and funds for the RainCatcher.org program.

The program has created water filters that they deliver and install around the world.

Franzen said she learned about the program through a RainCatcher Ambassador that she knows, Tyson Mayr. Mayr is coming to town to join the children in their effort.

At about 8:15 a.m. on Friday, each student and teacher at Gannett Peak ill file into their respective hallways and each will do 16 pushups. Based on the school’s average population each day, 625, that will result in 10,000 pushups.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the program are encouraged to give through www.RainCatcher.org or www.RainCatcher.org/Tyson; people may also make their donations at the school, and Franzen will ensure it gets put toward the cause.

Franzen and Brian Hensien put the above video together with her class last week.