4-H has been a vital part of Fremont County over the past 100 years and continues to be an important part of this community. Every year, 600 youth from Fremont County are served through the 4-H program.

The primary goal of 4-H is to assist youth in developing life skills that help them live productive and satisfying lives. Some important life skills include making decisions, solving problems, relating to others, planning and organizing, communicating with others, leading self and others, and applying science and technology.

The 4-H Council and Fremont County 4-H Program are planning a celebration to commemorate this special milestone with “A Night with Baxter Black”. This event will not only be a way to celebrate 100 years but also used as a fundraiser for the Fremont County 4-H Program to insure they will have 100 more years of help in the community.

The festivities will take place on Friday, February 14th, 2014.