LPD Officer David Hyde

By David Hyde, Lander Police Officer

Part 1 (oh yeah, there will be more)

(Lander, Wyo.) – You had to know it was coming. If you have been reading these articles up to now you had to know this was coming. I have previously mentioned “stupid things” people call the Police about, and when things slow down (usually due to the cold weather) well, I run a little low on the really entertaining stuff to tell you about.

Here are a few thoughts for the New Year, or maybe we should just call them “Things to ponder that might keep my *** alive & out of jail in 2014.”

With the coming of many snows and then the alternating cold/warm/sun, the streets tend to get pretty slick. What…you hadn’t noticed? Apparently any number of folks haven’t, as evidenced by all the crashes we investigate. Now most folks drive a limited amount, you know to the store, the Post Office, the doctor, the bank, the bar, etc. but we (Cops) get to drive a LOT, which means we see a LOT more of the things that just make you cringe.

Here are some recent, and frequent, ones:

Ok, you were just driving down the street when the Cops stop you, and I quote “It was too slick to stop so I just drove on (through the…take your pick here…stop sign, red light, fence, pole, building, car, truck, bicycle, dog, cat, chicken, pedestrian, or whatever).”

Here’s a tip for you, if it’s “too slick” to stop, either:


And it’s not just automobile drivers either:

There are several brave souls that dare to ride bicycles in this winter weather, and more power to you. I personally bike a lot (not during winter) and I know well the hazards associated with being on two wheels versus anything with four wheels. But come on people, just because you are bundled up and doing your part to save the planet doesn’t mean you should forget ALL the rules of the road. I mean really, move over to the far right so as not to impede others and for Pete’s sake…ride on the right side of the roadway, not AGAINST the flow of traffic. If anything, you should be MORE cautious during inclement weather and bad roads, after all four wheels beat two wheels every time, and whether you are in the right or not really won’t matter to you so much when your head is stuffed between your legs and it’s all wedged tightly between the asphalt and differential of an F350.

But lest you think I have chosen to just pick on vehicle operators, any number of people have deliberately (and that’s like I mean it’s not that you weren’t paying attention and unintentionally stepped off a curb onto the street but rather you just chose to) walked right out in front of an oncoming vehicle…on snow/ice covered streets, forcing the driver (a.k.a. ME) to stop to avoid CRUSHING  you under a 5000 pound cop car and KILLING you, all the while praying the guy behind me is really on his toes and can stop before plowing into me from behind.

Folks, roads are bad and will be bad for months, it really ain’t complicated, SLOW DOWN.

I told you this was going to be a rant, and maybe it is, but everything I have mentioned has happened, and most of it right here in Lander the last few weeks. It’s not that we mind doing the paperwork; it’s job security for us.

The reality is this, the Cops don’t come out the loser on these deals, it’s usually some innocent person just trying their best to mind their own business and do their own thing when someone doing STUPID STUFF comes along and BAM!!!…it’s news at Ten.