(Lander, Wyo.) – Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee on Friday announced the implementation of a new dispatch system used by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center.

The new process is called the Medical, Fire and Police Priority Dispatch System.

“The software prompts the dispatcher to launch a series of predetermined questions depending on the circumstances,” Lee said. “By doing this we ensure that all the needed information is collected and radioed to the field units during stressful emergency situations.”

Dispatchers using the newly implemented protocol system will follow nationally recognized standards, give universal and consistent service to every caller, gather critical emergency call information for responders, identify life-threatening situations, and safely prioritize calls for appropriate and fast response.

“The new system may require a caller to stay on the line longer than usual, however the information gathered allows for the most appropriate response and we do not have to call back with further questions,” Lee continued. “The system is custom tailored to all three emergency services in Fremont County and has been found to be very beneficial, especially with medical related emergencies.”

Implementing the protocols enables dispatchers to accurately assess each emergency situation and send the best response possible while safeguarding valuable and limited emergency services resources and increasing safety for both citizens and responders, Lee said. One key benefit the Fremont County Sheriffs Office Communications Center will now provide is a constant stream of crucial and updated scene information to field responders en route. This information will better prepare responders to give precise assistance when they arrive at the scene.

The Priority Dispatch System includes ProQA software, a three-day certification training course for each discipline for emergency dispatchers, and continual quality improvement benchmarks and training. All dispatchers who work on the new system are certified by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch and must re-certify every two years, completing 24 hours of continuing dispatch education and passing all requirements for NAED recertification.

Currently the Communications Center has a staff of 13, which dispatched 25,779 calls for service in 2012.