(Lander, Wyo.) – The Fremont County School District 1 Board of Education this morning met for a board retreat in the old Starrett Junior High Library and discussed evaluations of the board by the district’s administrators.

Concerns were raised about what appeared to be a single administrator routinely giving the board lower scores on a number of topics when compared to other respondents.

Board member Dave Clark said he wished he knew whether this one person was angry on their own or if he or she was the only one telling the truth. Trustee Bruce Palmer noted that there was no way of telling, based on the way the board received the anonymous survey results, whether it was one person who gave the low scores or if low scores on different topics were given by different administrators.

Superintendent Michael Bowman noted that only four of 11 administrators responded to the survey. Whether the other seven are pleased or upset is unknown to the board. Concerns raised by the four respondents included that they thought the board displayed poor leadership, communication issues and breaches in the chain of command.

Several ideas were raised to improve the board’s inner-workings as well as communication with administrators.

Clark and Trustee Brooke Sutton pushed for continuing the board’s education, including taking leadership trainings and board trainings. Bowman was directed to look into finding locals with experience in leading such trainings and set something up for sometime in the next couple months.

Palmer suggested possibly holding listening sessions each month before the regular school board meeting to have a dialogue with administrators and parents on a different topic each time, as the board has done in the past. Clark suggested doing quarterly or semi-annual “managerial” kinds of meetings with administrators.

Clark also suggested in the late summer hosting a training/information session for potential candidates for the board. Four seats on the school board are up for this November’s election. That idea was widely supported because it would provide candidates information about what truly can and can’t be done by the board.