October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. (Photo by Amanda Norton)

This past October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which was publicized locally by the use of silhouettes of abuse victims placed around town. (Photo by CWC Photography Student Amanda Norton) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 50-year-old Riverton woman showed up Thursday morning at the Riverton Police Department’s Victim’s Assistance Office showing the effects of a beating. Officers were called to interview the woman, who complained of a pattern of domestic abuse from her 52-year-old boyfriend.

The woman had a large bruise on her left temple and on the corner of her left eye, her left cheek was swollen and bruised and her arms were bruised.

The woman told police that she had been dating this man for the last two and one-half years and that she had not reported previous incidents of domestic violence. Thursday’s beating, however, was the last straw. The incident allegedly took place at a residence on North 5th East.

According to a police report, the boyfriend, later identified as Dan David, was supposed to leave Thursday afternoon for his work shift in North Dakota. Instead, she reported he had been drinking. She went to a local fast food restaurant to get him something to eat, but when she returned he allegedly complained that the french fries were too cold, and he threw them against the wall. She said he became more irritated as the day wore on and they began arguing. When she asked him for some money while he was going to be away, he allegedly threw $7 on the floor. As she was just going to take a shower, the woman was nude, and when she went to pick up the $7, he allegedly pushed her backwards over a tin of popcorn and she landed on the floor. The victim then said that David began striking her in the head with his fists. The police report quoted the woman as saying the beating became a blur due to its violence, and she started to try to crawl away. David then allegedly grabbed her again, bruising her arms. She managed to get free, she grabbed a sweater and ran, half naked, to a neighbor’s house for help. The neighbor provide the victim with some clothes and a safe place.

When contacted by police after hearing the woman’s story, Officers arrested him and took him to jail but did not interview him. Officers measured the man’s blood alcohol at .20 percent (.08 percent is the legal limit). He will be interviewed after he sobers up. Officers also got a statement from the neighbor. Although they did not witness the assault, they saw the effects of the beating.

David was taken to the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander.