(Riverton, Wyo.) – With the first meeting of the new year, the Riverton City Council conducted some annual business designations and, on the request of Mayor Ron Warpness, edited a previously approved set of minutes.

First, the appointments:

The city’s official depositories were listed in Resolution #1285. They are: Bank of the West, Central Bank and Trust, First Interstate Bank, U S Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank.

The Ranger newspaper was designated as the city’s primary means of publication for official notices, minutes and such. This is a state statute requirement. Residents can also go to the city’s website for current city information.

Second, the catering permits granted were:

• Lapeyre Ent. Inc, for the Wild Turkey Foundation annual banquet on January 25th at the Fremont Center

• Lapeyre Ent. Inc. for the Fremont County Fire Protection District annual banquet on January 25th at St. Margaret’s Gymnasium

Third, a business license application was also approved:

• Cougar Gulch Lawn Care (Todd Smith). Council member Smith abstained from the vote.

Mayor Ron Warpness

Mayor Ron Warpness

In other action…

Mayor Warpness asked that the minutes of the December 10th work session to changed to read as follows: “Mayor Warpness read a press release by the City that strongly disagreed with the EPA’s opinion declaring that the area surrounding Riverton is Indian Country.” Warpness said he thought the language as reported in the minutes was not clear enough to indicate the city’s opposition to the EPA decision. “The City’s press release read by Mayor Warpness expressly disagreed with that position and he feels that this formal record of our work session should be changed,” Weaver said in a memo to the council.

Warpness said during the meeting that the decision involved air quality monitoring, “and we’re all supportive of clean air, maybe this will help accomplish that.” At the same time, the mayor said the issue will be “entrenched deeply” in the legal field. “I wanted to make sure the record reflected that we support the Attorney General and State of  Wyoming.” The mayor also said that the issue “makes a lot of us nervous on both sides of the river on the implications” of such a ruling. “If we can come together and reason it out, it will all work out.”

The council agreed to the change and the vote was unanimous.

Previously reported was the plan to replace two council members who resigned last month and the passage of the door-to-door solicitation ordinance. See that post by clicking here.