The busiest law enforcement dispatch center (for a single agency) in Fremont County is at the Riverton Police Department, shown above. The 2013 call volume there was just 171 calls short of 14,000 calls this past year. The overall busiest dispatch center is at the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department, which handled 15,734 calls for the FCSO and Lander Police Department. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Lander Police and Riverton Police all saw an increase in call volume in 2013 when compared to 2012.

The sheriff’s office was called out 9,725 times last year, and increase of 385 over 2012. Undersheriff Ryan Lee said on Thursday that his office was just now beginning to compile call details. Off the top of his head, he could not recall any new or altered trends in 2013.

Lander Police Lt. Chuck Carr said his officers saw a “little bit of an increase” in 2013. Officially in 2013, LPD reached 6,009 calls for service. That compares to 5,943 in 2012. The increase was small compared to the 2011-2012 jump, which was by 272.

Fraud reports stood out to Carr as a call type that they saw more of this year. While he didn’t have the breakdown of numbers yet, he said there used to be fraud reports only occasionally, but now they hear about one almost every day.

At the Riverton Police Department, Captain Eric Murphy said 2013 ended with a total of 13,829 calls, a slight increase of 78 calls over the prior year when calls for service totaled 13,751. The RPD will assemble an annual end of year report to report trends and arrest statistics. Interestingly, the last call of 2013 was a fight, at three minutes before midnight and call 00001 for 2014 occurred at 41 minutes after midnight and it was a disorderly conduct.

Among the most numerous calls handled by the department, Murphy said, were those for public intoxication and calls involving alcohol. The Riverton City Council’s top goal for this past year, as in other years, has been to address the issue of Public Intoxication.