(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Here is Tuesday’s law enforcement roundup from across the county. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office



The Fremont County Detention Center currently is responsible for 137 inmates. Of these, 126 are being held in the Fremont County Detention Center, 5 are in substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state and out of the facility, 1 is on home detention out of the facility, and 5 inmates are being housed out of the facility.


At 9:39 a.m. on Monday, deputies took a report of a possible check fraud. The report is under investigation.

At 11:45 a.m., a caller made deputies aware of a semi pulling a Walmart trailer had the back trailer door open as it drove on Highway 789.

Deputies were called to the end of Alaska Road near Riverton at 1 p.m. yesterday for a report of a vehicle that slid into mailboxes. There were no injuries and only damage to the mailboxes, not the vehicle.

At 1:05 p.m.,  a woman reported possible animal abuse at a trailer in the Cozy Court Trailer Court near Riverton. The caller reported a man living with 30-40 cats without electricity. Deputies determined the call to be unfounded.

A report of credit card fraud involving more than $500 in the Lander area is under investigation.

The Wind River Police Department handled a call from a juvenile near Dubois who reported an intoxicated man being disorderly.

At 10 p.m., deputies responded to a trespassing call on the 600 block of Horse Creek Road in Dubois. The caller reported that someone messed with gas tank and that there were tracks in the area.


Riverton Police Department


Matthew Lawson, 32, Arapahoe, Property Destruction. Police received a call at 12:15 a.m. on New Years Eve that a man inside a mobile home was causing problems. Upon arrival, police heard a loud banging sound coming from inside the trailer. When they entered, the man, later identified as Lawson, turned around and walked to the rear of the trailer, but not before he allegedly had broken two legs off of a kitchen table and allegedly used one of them as a weapon against a female inside the house. Police were unable to locate any marks on the woman where she said she had been struck by a table leg. Lawson was arrested for property destruction. The female reported the value of the table to be $800.

White St. Clair, 35, Ethete, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. Police received a call from the 200 block of East Adams from a taxicab driver who said a man, later identified as St. Clair, had entered her taxi, but was refusing to tell her his desired destination, and that he would not get out of the vehicle. She reported he just sat there without responding and she didn’t know where to take him. When police responded, St. Clair would not respond to them, either, and when asked for his identification, police report he pulled out a cigarette and lighter and began smoking. When police opened the door of the taxicab, the man tried to close it, but again would not respond to questions. Police eventually got the man out of the taxicab and placed him under arrest.


The owner of a silver 2012 Chevrolet Silverado pickup reported from the 500 block of Spire Drive on Monday morning that someone had entered his truck overnight and had taken a $600 pair of Burris binoculars, a $600 spotting scope and a pair of $200 Oakley sunglasses. There was no evidence of forced entry into the cab of the truck. The owner said he thought he had locked the vehicle when parking it.

Caught in the act. The wife of  a man called police to report that her husband’s cell phone was missing and believed that it had been left at a local restaurant.  At the same time a waitress at that restaurant complained that she had begun receiving inappropriate text messages of a sexual nature. When the owner of the phone making the texts was contacted, he indicated, as his wife had reported, that he had left his phone at the restaurant and said someone must have picked it up and was using it. Upon further investigation, the man revealed that he, in fact, had been sending the text messages and that his phone had not been stolen. He allegedly made up the story of the lost phone to cover his tracks. There was no violation of filing a false police report because the wife did not know the phone had not been lost.

Over $1,000 in damage was reported at 12:59 on Monday when a white 2008 Ford and a white 2003 GMC 2500 pickup were involved in a crash in the 200 block of North Federal. Both were commercial vehicles, the Ford owned by Source Gas and the GMC by Select Building Services.

Three juveniles allegedly hiding behind a water tower generator near the Central Wyoming College campus Monday were gone upon an officers arrival. Nothing was reported to be amiss.

The RPD provided an agency assist to Riverton Memorial Hospital who reported they had a patient who needed a ride home because he had been medicated and could not drive.

It’s not nice to pee off of a multi-story apartment balcony. Especially when there are children present underneath the said balcony. That was a complaint registered with police in the 600 block of Eagle Drive Monday at 5:13 p.m. A mother called and said that her daughter, who was outside playing, was nearly hit by a stream of urine from a man peeing off of his balcony. Police contacted the man who claimed it wasn’t him. He also said his indoor toilet worked just fine. Police explained that such behavior was uncalled for and that he needed to stop it.

A harassment complaint was lodged by a female resident of Arapahoe Drive with the RPD over someone allegedly posting inflammatory postings about them on Facebook.

A woman called police at 8:08 p.m. to report that her grandson had tried to take her cell phone from her. The 16-year-old boy then fled with his girlfriend. The incident occurred in the 1600 block of West Main. Police located the youth, who turned out to be listed as a runaway from the Fremont County Boys Group Home. The grandmother said she knew that, but that he had been staying with her and that the Tribal DFS was okay with it. When the RPD contacted the Tribal Probation and Parole Office, they too said they were aware of it and that the boy should be released to his grandmother. No further action was taken.

Two pickup trucks parked in the lot at Bealls Department Store on West Main with the respective drivers talking with each other aroused the suspicion of the store manager, who asked that the vehicles be moved along.


Lander Police Department


Kathryn Bell, 46, Lander, Washakie County Warrant and Speed Too Fast for Conditions. Bell was arrested, Chief Jim Carey said, following a noon wreck yesterday. Bell’s vehicle apparently slid through a stop sign at the intersection of North Third and Jefferson Streets and struck another vehicle. She was cited for the wreck and arrested for an outstanding warrant. There were no injuries, but damage to both vehicles reportedly exceeded $1,000.


At 12:33 p.m., police assisted Westward Heights Care Center staff with a disorderly resident. No charges were filed.

A woman reported yesterday afternoon a letter from the Arbor Day Foundation that she thought might be fraudulent.

At 1:09 a.m. on Tuesday, police were called to The Forge for a report of a man who was assaulted. The man told police that he had been punched in the chest. After officers were unable to see signs of injury, and learned from witnesses that he had been asked to leave the bar but refused, police were able to convince the man to walk home.

Carey noted that there will be extra patrols on the streets of Lander this evening as the new year approaches.