“Snoopy” went missing from this yard on Dec. 26th. He is pictured here (partially behind antique disc wheel) before he was taken. Snoopy was returned last night by someone who found him outside of town. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – That that, you grinch! The missing Christmas lawn ornament taken from a home display in the 600 block of East Adams was returned home Monday evening. County10.com reported on the missing lawn ornament three days ago, and readers took notice. Snoopy was a lighted, animated piece about 2 feet tall, dressed with a Santa tunic and hat, and missing one eye.

Owner Kathleen Marinell sent an email happily reporting that her favorite Christmas lawn ornament had been returned. Here’s her report sent Monday evening:

“When I returned home from work this evening, my husband told me that someone was waiting for me “out front.” As I headed to the front door, he pointed out to me our Snoopy decoration was sitting there by the door. What a wonderful surprise! Of course, I immediately broke into tears, I was just so happy to have him returned to us. I want to thank the folks at County 10 for posting our article about Snoopy when he was taken from our yard.”

Earlier that evening…

“This evening my husband heard the doorbell chime on the front door and as he opened it, he noticed a pick-up truck pulling away from the curb. At the same time, he noticed Snoopy on the door step and he waved a “Thank you” to the folks in the truck completely shocked to find Snoopy sitting there. He brought him inside and before he could sit down, the doorbell rang again. This time a young lady was at the door and asked if this indeed was the house from which Snoopy had gone missing. My husband said yes, and thanked her sincerely for returning him to us. She said they had been out on Gas Hills Road earlier today and had noticed several Christmas decorations sitting by the side of the road. She had recognized Snoopy and thought he might be ours so they loaded him up and brought him to our house,” she wrote.

“I want to say to that young lady, “We don’t know who you are but we are so thankful you took it upon yourselves to bring Snoopy back to us; You have our heartfelt gratitude.” As for Snoopy, we really wish he could talk. He must have had quite an adventure. He seems to be okay but we will check him out thoroughly tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with his return home. And Happy New Year to everyone.”

A Happy New Year indeed.