(Dubois, Wyo.) – Earlier this month, prior to the resignation of both of the Dubois Museum’s most prominent employees, Fremont County Museum Board Acting Chairman Jon Lane updated the Fremont County Commission on the planning for the new museum building in Dubois.

Lane told the commission that due to the estimated cost of the project, the proposed building’s size has been reduced by nearly half.

Initially, he said, the building was designed to be split level. After a visitor entered the front door there would be options to go upstairs or downstairs to see the museum’s holdings. However, the estimated price tag a year ago was $5 million. Lane said the design is now single level only, with a total estimated cost of $2.4-2.5 million.

At the time Lane said further internal needs assessment and interpretive and exhibit planning needed to be completed before moving forward. That was prior to the Dubois Museum Director’s resignation.

So far $26,000 of a designated $91,000 had been spent on planning for the project.

The future timeline of the project is unclear. Lane said museum staff believe the local fundraising scene was pretty much used up right now and might need three to five years to recuperate before donors could be approached about giving to the construction of a new museum.