(Casper, Wyo.) – If you head out to go fishing after the holidays remember that the new year brings changes to the fishing regulations, and many of those changes will directly affect anglers in the Casper Region.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, brook trout will be included in the trout creel limit in lakes in Area 5 (North Platte River, Sweetwater River and South Platte River drainages). Anglers can now keep six trout, including brook trout, in combination of any size in lakes and reservoirs. Sixteen brook trout can still be kept from streams.

Changes for 2014 also allow for a new creel limit to the number of walleye on Alcova Reservoir. Anglers can now keep 12 walleye while fishing on Alcova as opposed to the previous six. “Alcova is managed primarily as a family type trout fishery and the walleye population has expanded rapidly over the last six years which is affect trout survival and angler success,” says Al Conder, Casper fisheries management supervisor. “This new regulation is aimed at attracting interest to the under-fished walleye fishery.”

Spear gunners will also be allowed to harvest 12 walleye beginning in 2014.

Fishing regulations are reviewed every two years with changes occurring at the start of even number years. It is always a good idea to check the regulations prior to fishing, but it is particularly important to check for any changes at the beginning of an even numbered year. Any changes in the regulations will be highlighted in the new regulation booklet. Please pick one up at your nearest Game and Fish Department office, license-selling agent or online at wgfd.wyo.gov. Anglers are also reminded to purchase a 2014 fishing license before heading out on the first fishing trip of the new year.

–Wyoming Game & Fish Department