By Mike Bowman, Fremont County School District 1 Superintendent

(Lander, Wyo.) РFremont County School District 1 Business Manager Travis Sweeney presented the Trustees last week with a draft of a fee schedule for use of District facilities.

He said that the schedule was based on a model that he had recently seen at a national conference. This model uses the actual expenditures for maintenance and operations of District facilities, the amount of square footage for educational space in the District, and the number of hours during the school year to calculate a rate.

After determining the basic rate, different factors are applied for nonprofit groups versus for-profit groups. The rate structure also provides for a daily maximum number of hours that will be charged for use of a facility and a maximum number of hours that will be charged for an event that will take multiple days. In addition, a rate will be established for custodial service charges for times that custodians would not otherwise be on duty.

Trustees commended Mr. Sweeney for basing the schedule on objective, defensible numbers. The schedule will be presented again in January for possible adoption.