(Photo by Ernie Over, County10.com)

(Hudson, Wyo.) – John Keller of Lander is thanking his lucky stars after coming away from a one vehicle rollover with little more than some shoulder pain and a stiff neck this morning. “But my wife is going to kill me. That truck is in her name.” Keller was driving the silver 2007 Nissan northbound on Wyoming 789 east of Hudson just past the Rendezvous Road turnoff when he hit a patch of ice. “The truck started to fishtail, but I kept it on the road, then hit another patch of ice and off the road I went,” he told County10.com at the scene. “I couldn’t stop it.” Off the road on the right side, through some tall sagebrush, down a steep embankment, through a fence and into a pasture. “I think I rolled it twice,” Keller said, “It landed on its drivers side and I crawled out through the passenger side, using a tire wrench to prop open the door. But I was wearing my seat belt. I’ll be sore in the morning!”

Keller crawled out of the wreck, made his way up the embankment and flagged down a Fremont County Ambulance that just happened to be coming down the road. After being checked out, the Wyoming Highway Patrol arrived.

Keller was sitting in State Trooper Tom Adam’s patrol vehicle warming up. He said he worked at the Ruby Ranch in Snavely Lane, where he has been employed for three decades. “I even turned my cruise control off,” he said, shaking his head. “Boy it was slick.”

Keller, thankfully, joins the growing ranks of Seat Belt Survivors.

Photos by Ernie Over. Click to enlarge.