By Mike Bowman, Fremont County School District 1 Superintendent

(Lander, Wyo.) – Superintendent of Schools Mike Bowman presented last Tuesday a resolution to the Trustees which states that no new initiatives will be required by the Board over the next two years unless required by the state or unless special circumstances arise in the district.

Dr. Bowman listed for the Trustees all of the major changes the District is facing in the next two years, which include preparing for the accreditation visit which will occur during Fall 2015; implementing new state math standards and new math curriculum this year and new state language arts standards and curriculum next year; being subject to the new state school accountability system; development of a new statutorily-required principal and assistant principal evaluation system this spring which will be implemented in 2014-15; development of a new statutorily-required teacher evaluation program during 2014-15 which will be implemented in 2015-16; the possibility of having to develop new course assessments for each course at each grade-level that is not assessed on the statewide assessment to generate the data required by the new statutorily-required administrator and teacher evaluation programs; and a change in the state assessment to incorporate the new standards which will be implemented in Spring 2015.

Dr. Bowman said that the District’s Strategic Plan and Improvement Plan provide for direction for the District, and that the energy of the District must be channeled to providing high-quality instruction that meets each student’s needs.

Trustee Brooke Sutton said that she appreciated the reminder of all the requirements that our staff faces. Trustee Dave Clark said that this is a reminder of what the Board and legislature have done, and a cooling off period is appropriate with the caveat that changes may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. The Board unanimously adopted the resolution.