Wyoming PBS General manager Ruby Calvert

Wyoming PBS General manager Ruby Calvert

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Wyoming PBS and Wyoming Public Media, together with two other states, are partnering in a two year, public media grant awarded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to report on energy-related issues in the Rocky Mountain area. The two Wyoming public media stations will share a reporter who will cover energy topics throughout the state, producing reports for radio, television, and online.

The Wyoming partnership is part of the larger collaboration called ”Inside Energy” which also includes public broadcasters in Colorado and North Dakota. The collaboration is intended to provide coverage of energy topics such as opportunities for energy development, and the benefits and challenges that energy policy, production, use and innovation have on our communities.

“Wyoming PBS is very excited about this partnership with Wyoming Public Media to cover more current issues related to energy in Wyoming,” said Wyoming PBS General Manager Ruby Calvert. “Typically, Wyoming PBS produces full-length documentaries which take 6 months to a year to produce, and we don’t have enough staff to do more current stories on a
broad range of topics.  This grant will give us access to more timely stories on energy, and we’ll be able to follow them, with more context and a bigger media footprint – a unique opportunity whose time has come.”

“This grant provides an opportunity for Wyoming Public Media and Wyoming PBS to join forces to cover an issue critical to Wyoming,” said Wyoming Public Media General Manager Christina Kuzmych. “It also adds resources to Wyoming Public Media’s natural resources and energy reporting funded in part through the George B. Storer Foundation.”

While originating with a focus on the energy boom states of Wyoming, Colorado, and North Dakota the reporting will also explore issues of national interest and importance.

The CPB grant will expand reporting resources for both public media stations and create opportunity for statewide collaboration.