(Arapahoe, Wyo.) – As a reward for Arapahoe Elementary School’s students reading more than 800 hours at home this semester, Principal Mike Lambert kissed a goat.

“A deal is a deal,” he said.

In total, Arapahoe’s K-5 students read more than 865 hours at home.

Lambert teased the students along, saying perhaps he could kiss a picture of a goat, a stuffed animal or even one on a stick that ran around instead. Then as he was telling the K-5 students that he didn’t think they would meet the goal and that he hadn’t ordered a real, live goat, one was brought in behind.

Once lipstick was donned by both parties, Lambert puckered up and kissed goat named Sarah Belle.

After the assembly, Lamber had students coming up to him offering breath mints and telling him that he scared the goat.

(Joshua Scheer photos. Click to enlarge.)