Buffalo Bill Boycott performs at Gannett Peak Elementary School. Photo by Jenn Goodrich.

(Lander, Wyo.) – Lander elementary students this week are being treated to several artistic performances and classes.

Buffalo Bill Boycott and his wife Dr. Jo performed their annual Holiday Round-up program for an enthusiastic audience of Kindergarten and 1st Grade students at Gannett Peak Elementary on Monday morning.

Paul Taylor, an Australian artist, musician and storyteller will be conducting a four-day residency at Baldwin Creek Elementary. Students will be learning about Australian culture, painting didgeridoos, learning songs and dances and playing cricket and boomerang.

Both of the programs are sponsored by Promoting Arts in Lander Schools with funding from the Laura Jane Musser Fund and the Wyoming Arts Council.

Thanks to Jenn Goodrich for the photos. (Click to enlarge.)