CPA Dave Brinda of McKee Marberger & Fagnant presented the district with its annual audit Tuesday night. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The trustees of Fremont County School District #25 in Riverton were told Tuesday night that an annual audit of the district’s finances was clean. “This is an unmodified opinion, fairly presented in all material respects,” said Dave Brinda from the Lander accounting firm of McKee Marburger and Fagnant. Brinda had praise for the the district’s business manager, Mike Collins, and his staff. “They have exhibited good management watching inflows and expenditures,” Brinda said, noting that the district’s income and expenses was on the plus side by some $23,000 at the end of the year.  ”To be that close takes a lot of work,” he said.

Collins was modest in reply. “That’s my job,” he said, crediting his staff with keeping a close eye on the taxpayer’s money. “The expectation is always to have a clean audit. It’s part of the job. If you don’t have a clean audit, you won’t keep your job.”

Superintendent Terry Snyder was obviously pleased. “What you see in this report is quality work done within the district, Mike and all his staff. He knows what is coming in and going out and he works hard to make that happen with lot of good strong support. This is a clean audit and it is exceptional,” he said.

Brinda said the annual audit also examines several specific programs, different each year, that involve Federal funds. “No deficits or compliance issues were found.” He said the two programs audited this year were the Special Education and Title I.

The Lander CPA said the district’s net position, or equity, increased by $382,000 during the last year  to $61.8 million.