The crowd a Sunday night’s meeting about a new economic development organization for Lander.

(Lander, Wyo.) – The new economic development organization in the works will likely become the nonprofit arm of Lander Enterprises and Development of Economic Resources (LEADER) Corporation.

The idea was formally suggested during LEADER’s meeting this morning to Cade Maestas and Mike Lilygren who have been leading the charge for a new, more active group. (Read about the latest public meeting here.)

LEADER Co-President Dave Kellogg made the suggestion that Maestas and Lilygren be named the presidents of the Lander Economic Development Association (LEDA), which is currently a mostly unused nonprofit organization under LEADER’s umbrella. LEADER is a for profit entity. LEDA was created some time ago to help pursue grants for local projects.

Since Maestas and Lilygren had stated that the new group would like to work with LEADER and they wanted it to be a nonprofit, this seemed like a good direction, Kellogg said.

“I think that’s a fantastic suggestion,” Maestas said. Lilygren said it seemed like “the best combination of things.” LEADER Co-President Bill Sniffin also expressed support. No opposition was raised by the group of roughly 10 in attendance.

LEADER’s board took no formal action on turning over control of LEDA to the new group, however work will begin to amend the two groups’ bylaws so that a new structure and management can be applied to LEDA.

Some discussion surrounded how the division of labor would work, but it was decided that it would shake itself out over time.

Maestas and Lilygren hope to have an executive committee for the new version of LEDA lined up by the first of the year.