(Fremont County Commission Chairman Doug Thompson)

(Lander, Wyo.) – Fremont County Commission Chairman Doug Thompson told County10.com in an interview that he will be in communication with the state about its appeal for a Environmental Protection Agency ruling that effectively said Riverton is part of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

(Read more about the ruling here.)

Thompson said he was disappointed by the ruling, noting that the commission had sent in a letter of opposition to the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribe’s request.

The ruling was made in a Tribal petition to the EPA to have the Wind River Reservation treated as a separate state for purposes of implementing the Clean Air Act.

Thompson called the tribes’ request “disingenuous” and called it a “blatant attempt to assert jurisdiction.”

Since the ruling was made known, Thompson said he has not yet had a chance to discuss the situation with the state. But he said he would be in contact to see how and if the county should be involved moving forward.

He called the EPA the current federal administration’s “Strong Arm,” and the ruling appears to be consistent with the administration’s desire to subvert congress and court ruling that have long set Riverton apart from the reservation.

Fremont County Attorney Michael Bennett also reacted to the ruling this morning. “Until the U.S. Supreme Court says otherwise, it’s business as usual in my office.”

The commission is meeting today, however the topic has not been brought up for discussion.