Telling the clerk to bag up the cash.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Police today released photographs of an armed robber who hit the West Main Maverik Store at 12:07 a.m. on November 26th and escaped with receipts from the cash register.

According to a police report, a male subject dressed in black and wearing a black hoody and a ski mask and carrying what appeared to be an assault rifle entered the business and demanded the store’s money. The female clerk on duty was instructed to put the cash from the register into a bag and hand it to the robber, who at all times avoiding turning his face toward the store’s video surveillance cameras.

The man entered the store’s lot on foot from behind a wall separating the store and the adjacent Sweetwater Gardens to the east. The clerk did not notice any vehicles driving away after the robber fled.

Any person with information on this robbery is asked to call the RPD at 856-4891.

Photos below provided by the RPD from the store’s surveillance cameras. Click to enlarge