(Fremont Co., Wyo) – It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years. What started as a seed of an idea has grown to be one of Fremont County’s most prominent brands and it’s all because of you – my friends and neighbors. But, I couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team and an outstanding group of local organizations and advertisers.

Growing up in Fremont County, I always struggled with the disconnect between the towns of Lander, Riverton, Dubois and the communities on the reservation, most notably. Yet, here we were with so much in common. We view the same amazing scenery daily and we face the same challenges of being located in rural Wyoming. I believe County 10 has contributed to connecting these communities and rallying everyone around an orange logo that points to a larger sense of pride for our community. It’s this pride that’s motivated me to build a business here and most importantly, raise my family here.

For perspective, in those two years over 7,500 stories have been told. And, those stories were read close to 11,000,000 times by hundreds of thousands of different people. Some of these pieces are ‘news’ in the traditional sense, but many are stories and images from your community. They show the world what County 10 is – raw and unfiltered. It’s in that authenticity that our true beauty shines through and speaks to why we love this very place.

County 10 turns two-years-old today and the momentum and number of readers continues to grow. You’ve voted with your visits to our site. You’ve said that we’re on to something special here, and we work diligently every day to honor that.

So, as we welcome in 2014, you’ll see us taking a stronger position statewide and beyond. We’ll begin connecting more communities through technology and authenticity the same way we did here. As it grows, we’ll always be able to point to where it all began – here in County 10.

I want to say thank you for flying the County 10 colors.  And, on behalf of our entire team I want to wish you Happy Holidays. Be safe and be proud.

Your neighbor,

Jason Kintzler
Founder, CEO of PitchEngine and County 10

Jason Kintzler