Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter addressed the crowd at Thursday night’s meeting in Lander. (Joshua Scheer photo)

(Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter addressed the crowd at a March 2013 meeting in Lander. Joshua Scheer photo)

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – In an effort engage more people in information meetings, Wyoming Game and Fish has a started new public meeting page. This page will be an opportunity for the public to view information presented at meetings, to view meetings themselves, and to provide feedback.

The new webpage can be found at:

Although, Game and Fish encourages interested public to attend meetings, participation in some communities is low and regional personnel have noticed a statewide decline in the number of people at meetings over the last several years. This is especially true of meetings concerning topics other than big game hunting.

The new webpage is a result of information received from a recent public survey as well as recommendations from a group of Department employees. In the past, the public has brought up several reasons for not attending meetings: they feel unheard, there are too many meetings, they are unaware of meetings, and they have scheduling conflicts. In addition 76% of people surveyed said they would attend an online meeting and 47% preferred that option. Having a centralized location for all public meetings on the Game and Fish website, and allowing individuals to attend a meeting and comment online should help address these issues.

Jason Hunter, Lander regional wildlife supervisor and a member of the Game and Fish committee giving these recommendations, says “I am hopeful this new link will help guide interested individuals to see various public meetings being held across the state and attend if possible. However, I know people are extremely busy and a public meeting may not be the highest priority on any given day. This new page on our website will allow everyone the opportunity to view draft documents, proposals or regulations as well as view a public meeting presentation and comment online, all during a time that works with their schedule.”