Judge ruled Sloan Lane violated terms of her probation; The sex offender was ordered to prison

(Lander, Wyo.) – A 32-year-old Riverton woman serving probation in lieu of incarceration for having sex with underage boys nearly three years ago is headed to prison on two concurrent terms of three to five years.

Ninth District Judge Marvin Tyler ruled Friday that six of nine probation violations lodged against Sloan Lane were enough for him to revoke her probation and order her to serve her original sentence, according to documents. In 2010, Lane reached a plea agreement with Fremont County prosecutors to serve eight years of probation in lieu of prison time on two counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor, both felonies. She had also been charged with two counts of  misdemeanor sexual battery.

In the 2010 offenses, Lane had used the Internet to contact the boys. Under terms of her probation, her use of the Internet was to be limited and only with her parole officer’s permission. Lane admitted that she had used the Internet without gaining permission, of obtaining and using an Internet-capable cell phone, of having a smart phone that also could be used as a camera, of having password protected file storage applications on that phone and several instances of having contact with two felons. She denied three other allegations, but Tyler said that the six violations noted above were enough for him to revoke her probation.

Lane will serve out her sentence in the Wyoming Women’s Correctional facility at Lusk.




  1. Cindy THompson

    And murders go free???

  2. Freya Mirabal

    What are you saying? that it follows that pedophiles should then be rewarded?

  3. Daycee Lane

    I don't think she is saying that at all, but don't judge because you don't know. Thats the problem today is people put there nose where it don't belong, everyone has to get caught up in something but when it comes down to it…. why!!!! Does it affect you?? 9 times out of 10 probably not. so why bother. Facts do get turned around.. no not in rumerton!!

  4. Valaira Whiteman Cardenas

    She's already been judged and found guilty. She got a pretty light sentence serving probation, since most pedophiles don't get a deal like that. She violated a sweet deal now she's got to serve out her sentence in prison. If a man did the same thing as she did, he wouldn't have got a sweet deal. There wouldn't be people thinking murders go free. Pedophiles are worst than murders as far as I'm concerned, because they damage the lives of so many children.

  5. Stephen Rebecca Simpson

    Wow. Let those of you without sin cast the first stone.

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